Sentence Examples with the word Jacobus

Early in 1292 the same pope, himself a Franciscan, summoned Jacobus to Rome, intending to consecrate him archbishop of Genoa with his own hands.

The connexion of St George with a dragon, familiar since the Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine, can be traced to the close of the 6th century.

Westermayer, Jacobus Balde, sein Leben and seine Werke (1868); J.

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He was a pupil of Azo, and the master of Odofredus, of Hostiensis, and of Jacobus de Ravanis, the last of whom has the reputation of having first applied dialectical forms to legal science.

Hagen, Jacobus Bongarsius (Bern, 1874); L.

He received his early education at the famous Latin school of Schlettstadt, and afterwards (1503) went to Paris, where he came under the influence of Jacobus Faber Stapulensis, an eminent Aristotelian.

T wo professors of theology at Leiden Jacobus Arminius Gomarus.

In the Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine (13th century) and the Mystbre de la Passion of Jean Michel (15th century) and Arnoul Greban (15th century), the story of Oedipus is associated with the name of Judas.

He studied the civil law first of all under Cinus at Perugia, and afterwards under Oldradus and Jacobus de Belvisio at Bologna, where he was promoted to the degree of doctor of civil law in 1334.

Here he came under the influence of Jacobus Faber (Stapulensis), on whose recommendation he was appointed professor in the college of Cardinal Lemoine.