Sentence Examples with the word JURATS

In 1494 a grant was made to the bailiff, jurats and commonalty of a yearly fair on the 12th.

The ordinary business of the ports was conducted in two courts known respectively as the court of brotherhood and the court of brotherhood and guestling, - the former being composed of the mayors of the seven principal towns and a number of jurats and freemen from each, and the latter including in addition the mayors, bailiffs and other representatives of the corporate members.

The corporation, which was prescriptive, was entitled the mayor, jurats and commonalty of Folkestone.

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At first the bishop ruled through his burgrave, advocate, and nominated jurats (scabini, Scheen).

It did little more than arrange for the administration of justice by nominated jurats (scabini) under the count's bailli.

From 1220 onward, the judiciary powers of these assemblies were exercised by a tour majour of twelve barons jurats charged with the duty of maintaining the integrity of the fors.