Sentence Examples with the word JUDICIUM

He also wrote: Della Causa delle Febbri maligni (Pisa, 1658); De Renum usu Judicium (Strassburg, 1664); Euclides Restitutus (Pisa, 1658); Apollonii Pergaei Conicorum libri v., vi.

This court of reckoning, the judicium particulare, is called aka.

The high court is not a curia regis, but a curia baronum, in which the theory of judicium parium is fully realized.

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Thereupon Ormazd will hold a judicium universale, in the form of a general ordeal, a great test of all mankind by fire and molten metal, and will judge strictly according to justice, punish the wicked, and assign to the good the hoped-for reward.