Sentence Examples with the word JOUR

The gist of the latter method is that a design chiselled d jour has its outlines veneered with other metal which serves to emphasize them.

Cormenin was an earnest advocate of universal suffrage before the revolution of February 1848, and had remorselessly exposed the corrupt practices at elections in his pamphlet - Ordre du jour sur la corruption electorale.

Sarah's Soul Mate Du Jour was Connor Poe, and without having to be told, Jackson knew the human would be sitting or pacing below them in what could only be described as a holding cell.

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Victor Hugo's first mature work in prose fiction, Le Dernier Jour d'un condamne, has appeared thirteen years earlier (1829).

He composed the following operas: Sardanapale (1867), Le Dernier jour de Pompei (1869), Dimitri (1876), La Reine Berthe (1878), Le Chevalier Jean (1885), Lancelot (1900).

Ath is also well known in Hainaut for its annual fete called le jour de ducasse - ducasse being the Walloon word for kermesse (fete).

Just as it is the custom of French people, of all ranks and creeds, to decorate the graves of their dead on the jour des morts, so in Germany the people stream to the grave-yards once a year with offerings of flowers.

The fashion is always accompanied by chiselling a jour (sukashi-bori), so that the sculptured portions stand out in their entirety.