Sentence Examples with the word Itineraries

The good doctor had travelled much, and the reading of his itineraries and note-books awakened such a longing for travel in the young Holberg that at last, at the close of 1704, having scraped together 60 dollars, he went on board a ship bound for Holland.

The itineraries give it as 176 m.

Of the later itineraries the Descriptio terrae sanctae,, by the Dominican Burchardus de Monte Sion, enjoyed the widest vogue.

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Pliny's account of Yemen, too, must be largely drawn from the expedition of Gallus, though he also used itineraries of travellers to India, like the Periplus Maxis Erythraei just quoted.

De Foucauld, whose extensive itineraries include many districts that had never before been visited by any Europeans.

For the mapping of the whole vast interior, except in rare cases, no data exist beyond the itineraries of explorers, travelling as a rule under conditions which precluded the use of even the simplest surveying instruments.

De Rossi gives a comparative table of these Itineraries and other similar lists.

The chief methods adopted have been the following: (1) vernacular preaching in the lame towns and on itineraries through the rural districts, a work in which native evangelists guided by Europeans and Americans played a large part.

The catacombs ' The most important of these lists are the two Itineraries belonging to the first half of the 7th century, in the Salzburg library.

The number of places whose position had been determined by astronomical observation was as yet very small, and the map had thus to be compiled mainly from itineraries furnished by travellers or the dead reckoning of seamen.