Sentence Examples with the word Irrespectively

Probabiliorists maintained that the more general opinion ought to prevail, irrespectively of whether it was the stricter or the laxer; dancing on Sunday was perfectly lawful, if the majority of casuists approved it.

The lion appears to be monogamous, a single male and female continuing attached to each other irrespectively of the pairing season.

The habits and capacities of these two differ, owing to surroundings, irrespectively of tribe.

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It is estimated that the reduction in yield of the unmanured plot over the forty years, 1852-1891, after the growth of the crops without manure during the eight preceding years, was, provided it had been uniform throughout, equivalent to a decline of one-sixth of a bushel from year to year due to exhaustion - that is, irrespectively of fluctuations due to season.

The ploughing for the lord, for instance, was not only imposed in the shape of a certain number of days in the week, but took sometimes the shape of a certain number of acres which the village had to plough and to sow for the lord irrespectively of the time employed on it.