Sentence Examples with the word Irregularities

Its object had originally been to keep the emperor in close touch with all the branches of the administration and to bring to his notice any abuses and irregularities (see Nicholas I.), and for this purpose its chief was in constant personal intercourse with the sovereign.

Which the irregularities of the shore opposed to its progress.

The mechanical operation is quite successful for thick sheets, but it is not as yet available for the thinner sheets required for the ordinary purposes of sheet-glass, since with these excessive breakage occurs, while the sheets generally show grooves or lines derived from small irregularities of the drawing orifice.

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Imber with waney edges has a large proportion of sap-wood, and is cut either from a small tree or from the outer portion of a large one, the waney edge being obviously due to irregularities in the surface of the tree.

He first brought the revolutions of our satellite within the domain of Kepler's laws, pointing out that her apparent irregularities could be completely accounted for by supposing her to move in an ellipse with a variable eccentricity and directly rotatory major axis, of which the earth occupied one focus.

The curve shows, however, slight irregularities in the shape of undulations.

The doublings play a very important part in the appearance of the ultimate rove and yarn, for the chief reason for doubling threads or slivers is to minimize irregularities of thickness and of colour in the material.

To widen it more abruptly would indeed increase the volume of the furnace, but would probably lead to grave irregularities in the distribution of the gas and charge, and hence in the working of the furnace.

Contour-line with all its irregularities would be represented by the beach mark made by the sea when zoo ft.

And Henry IV., the right of ppropriating the supplies granted to special objects; and with ore difficulty they obtained, in 1666, the appointment of a commission empowered to investigate irregularities in the issue of moneys.