Sentence Examples with the word Ironstone

They consist of three divisions; coal occurs in the upper and lower, ironstone (without coal) in the middle division.

From the year 1851, when John Vaughan discovered the presence of ironstone in the Eston hills, the town advanced rapidly.

This is one of the largest townships in the Cleveland ironstone district, and its industrial population is wholly employed in the quarries.

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Other influences have of course contributed largely to the development of the country, but among them all the chief place must be assigned to that fortunate geological structure which, amid the revolutions of the past, has preserved in the centre of Scotland those fields of coal and ironstone which are the foundations of the national industry.

Thick, and formed of a core of rough rubble cemented together with mortar (containing much coarse gravel) of extraordinary hardness and tenacity, and a facing for the most part of stone - Kentish rag, freestone or ironstone - but occasionally of flints; about 2 ft.

Alex had some nice ironstone dishes, but only a set of four.

The Lower Lias comes next in order, with a valuable bed of ironstone now largely worked.

Ironstone hills, estimated to contain millions of tons of ironstone of superior quality, have been reported in the south-eastern region.

Coal, limestone and ironstone are mined in the neighbourhood.

Coal, ironstone and clay are mined in close proximity, and every sort of iron and steel goods is produced.