Sentence Examples with the word Irises

Her irises swirled again and her frown grew.

His look was intent, the gold of his irises swirling.

Another was hunch-backed and dressed in heavy robes despite the heat of the day, and a third man barely taller than her had white irises and silvering hair.

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As she stared, the silver seemed to flare into a deep glow and swirl around her irises like cars around a racetrack.

Flowering annuals are mainly aquatic. Water lilies, water hyacinths, which are an obstruction in many streams, and irises in rich variety give colour to the coast wastes and sombre bayous.

Jonny opened his eyes, and the red ring around his irises was gone.

Her irises were half silver.

The small man with white irises drew near her, his eerie, unblinking gaze making her uncomfortable.

Nearly all the species of plants which grow on these prairies are common to Europe (paeonics, Hemerocallis, asters, pinks, gentians, violets, Cypripedium, Aquilegia, Delphinium, aconites, irises and so on), but here the plants attain a much greater size; a man standing erect is often hidden by the grasses.