Sentence Examples with the word Introducing

As introducing a discipline of stern repression which made the innocent gaieties of life impossible, and produced a dull uniformity of straitlaced manners and hypocritical morals.

As time went on the practice of introducing additional matter of an edifying character grew in popular favour, and was gradually extended.

Canovas so fully comprehended the necessity of averting American intervention that he listened to the pressing demands of secretary Olney and of the American minister in Madrid, Hannis Taylor, an.d laid before the Cortes a bill introducing home rule in Cuba on a more liberal scale than Maura, Abarzuza and Sagasta had dared to suggest two years before.

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By introducing a methyl group we may obtain CH 3.

Gustavus and his successor did much for Finland by founding schools and gymnasia, building churches, encouraging learning and introducing printing.

Mr Birrell began by introducing a bill for the establishment of an Irish Council, which would have given the Home Rulers considerable leverage, but, to the surprise of the English Liberals, it was summarily rejected by a Nationalist convention in Dublin, and was forthwith abandoned.

Upper Burma was formally annexed on the 1st of January 1886, and the work of restoring the country to order and introducing settled government commenced.

So alarming did the growth appear, that the other parties combined, and on the 28th of March 1896 a new electoral law was passed, introducing indirect election and a franchise based on a triple division of classes determined by the amount paid in direct taxation.

He sought to spread Christianity by introducing the Cistercians, founding bishoprics, and building churches and monasteries.

This did not prevent Solomon introducing Edomites into his harem (i Kings xi.