Sentence Examples with the word Introducer

The reputation of all preceding poets in Poland was now destined to be thrown into the shade by the appearance of Mickiewicz (1798-1855), the great introducer of romanticism into the country (see MICKIEwicz).

He is commemorated by a statue, as is Sir Rowland Hill, the introducer of penny postage, who was born here in 1795.

This single instance of the use of the decimal point in the midst of an arithmetical process, if it stood alone, would not suffice to establish a claim for its introduction, as the real introducer of the decimal point is the person who first saw that a point or line as separator was all that was required to distinguish between the integers and fractions, and used it as a permanent notation and not merely in the course of performing an arithmetical operation.

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In poetical tradition Faunus is an old king of Latium, the son of Picus (Mars) and father of Latinus, the teacher of agriculture and cattle-breeding, and the introducer of the religious system of the country, honoured after death as a tutelary divinity.

The introducer and expositor of such a twofold morality was a remarkable man.

Pratinas was also the introducer of satyric dramas as a species of entertainment distinct from tragedy, in which the rustic merry-makings and the extravagant dances of the satyrs were retained.

Jean Nicolas Corvisart (1755-1821) has already been mentioned as the translator and introducer into France of Auenbrugger's work on percussion.

The signature of the purchaser and introducer (if any) must be affixed to the entry.

He was appointed introducer of ambassadors on the 12th of October 1671, and it became notorious that whoever had a petition to present or a place to ask for must apply to him.

He did not propose the adoption of free trade, but the administration tariff measure, known as the Mills Bill, from its introducer Congressman Roger Q.