Sentence Examples with the word Intrigued

He intrigued against Necker, whom he regarded as a dangerous innovator, a republican, a foreigner and a Protestant.

Bath-Agos, the native chieftain who ruled the Okul-Kusai and the cis-Mareb provinces on behalf of Italy, intrigued with Mangash, ras of the trans-Mareb province of Tigr, and with Menelek, to raise a revolt against Italian rule on the high plateau.

In vain Edward Gibbon Wakefield, organizer of colonizing associations, prayed and intrigued for permission to repeat in New Zealand the experiment tried by him in South Australia.

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Deidre watched, intrigued by how graceful and silent the large creatures were as they moved through the clearing.

There were too few things that intrigued him after an eternity of living.

At first the desert had intrigued her.

The fact intrigued scientists for 30 years.

The Polish exiles who filled Europe after 1830 intrigued from abroad, and maintained a constant agitation.

They, again, constantly intrigued with Spain, and there were moments when James, driven desperate by the preachers, listened to their projects.

He thence intrigued with the old earl of Atholl (heir to the crown if the ancestors of James by Robert II.