Sentence Examples with the word Interspersed

The city lies in a fertile valley shut in by vine-clad hills, and the picturesque red sandstone buildings of the old town are interspersed with orchards and gardens.

Store fronts interspersed with vacant lots lined one side of the street while the other remained absent of any buildings except a closed gas station and a dollar store.

Even the lesser characters are more pleasing than usual, and some beautiful lyrics are interspersed in the play.

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The simplest type of ocellus is exemplified by the exumbral ocellus of Aurelia, a simple patch of pigment-cells interspersed with visual cells, the whole on a level with the remaining ectodermal epithelium.

Alexandria is on a level plain in the centre of the Louisiana long-leaf pine forests, in which pine is interspersed with various hardwoods.

It may either be interspersed with many smaller meteors in a shower or may be isolated, The latter usually move more slowly and approach rather near to the earth.

It is studded with villages, interspersed at greater distances with commercial towns.

The low ground between the slight hills flanking the Thames valley, and therefore mainly south of the present river, was originally occupied by a shallow lagoon of estuarine character, tidal, and interspersed with marshy tracts and certain islets of relatively firm land.

But it is more probable that we have it in the form in which it grew up - a series of observations by the original author with interspersed editorial remarks; and it is better to preserve the existing form as giving a record of the process of growth.

B entirely of radial bands of tracheides interspersed with medullary rays.