Sentence Examples with the word Interrupts

And iii., interrupts the close connexion between those chapters, and should in any case stand after iii.: the use of the second for the third person in the remaining verses points to a different source.

An outlying member of the Rockies which boldly interrupts the continuity of the plains in north-central Wyoming.

Opposite the primary xylems, the cambium either (a) forms parenchyma on both sides, making a broad, secondary (principal) ray, which interrupts the vascular ring and is divided at its inner extremity by the islet of primary xylem; or (b) forms secondary xylem and phloem in the ordinary way, completing the vascular ring.

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Chapter vii., then, interrupts the development of the author's plan, but the interruption is deliberate.

Of this town it has to force its way across the same granitic offshoot of the Carpathian mountains which interrupts the course of the Dniester and the Bug, and for a distance of about 25 m.

The exhortation to remember the Creator in the days of youth, though it is to be retained in the margin as a pious editorial addition, here interrupts the line of thought.

No grave note, warning us that the pleasures of this earth are fleeting, that the visible world is but a symbol of the invisible, that human life is a probation for the life beyond, interrupts the tinkling music as of castanets and tripping feet which gives a novel charm to these unique relics of the 13th century.

What is said of this affair interrupts the original context of chap. xviii., to which the insertion has been clumsily fitted by an interpolation in the second half of ver.

Io, 17), evidently of early origin, which interrupts the series of prophetic visions on the fall of the kingdom of Israel.

This group of laws clearly formed no part of the original narrative of P since it interrupts the connexion of chap. viii.