Sentence Examples with the word Interradial

The tentacles are primarily four in number, perradial, alternating with four interradial tentaculocysts, but both tentacles and sense-organs may be multiplied and the primary perradii may be six instead of four (fig.

The eight adradial gonads on the subumbral walls of the four radial pouches, representing primitively four horse-shoeshaped gonads each divided into two by an interradial septum.

Preceded by six per cartilaginous margin of the radial and six interradial disk centripetally in the solid larval tentacles).

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Oral surface of later stage of scyphistoma of Aurelia, with commencement of four interradial tentacles.

Always), radiate from a central peristome between five interradial deltoid plates, and are edged by alternating side-plates bearing brachioles, to which side-branches pass from the grooves.

The genital organs in both Asteroidea and Echinoidea would retain the interradial position they first assumed in Edrioaster; and in Echinoidea their primitive temporary openings to the exterior were converted into definite pores, correlated with five interradially placed plates at the aboral pole.

The four gastric interradial ridges are seen through the mouth.

Usually the four subgenital cavities are distinct from each other (so-called tetrademnic condition), but in many Rhizostomeae, for example, Crambessa, the subgenital cavities join together under the subumbral floor of the stomach (so-called monodemnic condition) and coalesce to form a so-called subgenital portico placed on the oral side of the stomach, opening by four interradial apertures between the oral arms, that is to say, by the four primitive apertures of the subgenital pits.

As the 1 The four primitive interradial cathammata disappear in the fully formed ephyra and become replaced by sixteen subradial concrescence-areas without any ostia or ring-canal at the margin.

Are interradial in position.