Sentence Examples with the word Interposed

From 1887-1900, out of 290 cases settled, only 107 were formal arbitrations, 124 agreements were effected by the mediation of the Board, Ioo were effected otherwise while proceedings were pending, and in 59 cases the Board interposed when the parties preferred hostilities.

The ends of this wire are connected to one or more secondary cells of constant electromotive force, a variable resistance being interposed so as to regulate the current flowing through the fine wire.

Finally, at the extreme west of the whole district, Cithaeron is bent round at right angles in the direction oft the isthmus, at the northern approach to which it abuts against the mighty mass of Mount Geraneia, which is interposed between the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulf.

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But for practical purposes Bacon interposed two divisions between the preliminaries and the philosophy itself.

He strained every nerve to induce his clergy to accept his ruling on the questions of the reservation of the Sacrament and of the ceremonial use of incense in accordance with the archbishop's judgment in the Lincoln case; but when, during his last illness, a prosecutor brought proceedings against the clergy of five recalcitrant churches, the bishop, on the advice of his archdeacons, interposed his veto.

Berenice, who was fulfilling a Nazarite vow, interposed in vain.

The southern, or Malwa, portion is made up of detached or semi-detached districts, between which are interposed parts of other states, which again are mixed up with each other in bewildering intricacy.

This is due not only to its geographical position and its vertical climatic zones, which give it a range from tropical to arctic types, but also to its peculiar combination of humid and arid conditions in which we find an extensive barren table-land interposed between two tropical forested coastal zones.

There is also a pair of narrow tergal sclerites interposed between the anterior and posterior shields.

The kilns are closed at the top, and the gases are drawn out by powerful air-pumps, washers being interposed be,, veen the kilns and the pumps for the purpose of purifying and cooling the gas.