Sentence Examples with the word Interoceanic

East by south of Cuernavaca, on the Interoceanic railway, and in a rich sugarproducing district.

The opposition of the United States was due very largely to the fear that Great Britain would acquire a privileged position in regard to the proposed interoceanic canal.

In 1901 by the negotiation of the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty it became possible for the United States alone to build and control an interoceanic canal.

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Morelos is traversed by two railway lines - the Interoceanic from N.E.

And a minimum, at the Culebra Pass, of 290 ft., the lowest point, except the interoceanic water-parting in Nicaragua, which is 153 ft., in the western continental system.

East of Cuernavaca, on the Interoceanic line; Tetecala, 13 m.

South of the capital, on the Interoceanic railway near the southern boundary of the state.

The town has been chosen as the terminus for two railway lines seeking a Pacific port - the Interoceanic and the Mexican Central.

It is a healthy well-built town on the old Acapulco road, is lighted by electricity and is temporarily the western terminus of the Interoceanic railway from Vera Cruz.

The great drainage scheme which completed the works of the 17th century by taking out the surplus waters of the southern lakes of the valley of Mexico was devised in 1856, begun under Maximilian, proceeded with intermittently till 1885, then taken up with improved plans, practically completed by 1896, and inaugurated in 1900; 2 the harbour of Vera Cruz was finished in 1902; the Tehuantepec railway, likely to prove a formidable rival to any interoceanic canal, was opened on the 24th of January 1906.