Sentence Examples with the word Intermediaries

It is also probable that the Yue-Chi not only acted as intermediaries for the introduction of Greek and Persian ideas into India, and of Indian ideas into China, but left behind them an important element in the population of N.

In the villages they are mostly innkeepers, intermediaries in trade and pawnbrokers.

DRAGOMAN (from the Arabic terjuman, an interpreter or translator; the same root occurs in the Hebrew word targum signifying translation, the title of the Chaldaean translation of the Bible), a comprehensive designation applied to all who act as intermediaries between Europeans and Orientals, from the hotel tout or travellers' guide, hired at a few shillings a day, to the chief dragoman of a foreign embassy whose functions include the carrying on of the most important political negotiations with the Ottoman government, or the dragoman of the imperial divan (the grand master of the ceremonies).

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Notwithstanding their complete subjection, women are treated with a certain respect, and are often employed as intermediaries in the settlement of feuds; a woman may traverse a hostile district without fear of injury, and her bessa will protect the traveller or the stranger.

A few years later another committee of the council was appointed to act as intermediaries between the crown and the colonies,, or foreign plantations, as they were then called.

In 1531 Barnes returned to England, and became one of the chief intermediaries between the English government and Lutheran Germany.

The sous-prefecs, having very limited powers of deciding questions, serve above all as intermediaries between the prefect and the persons under his administration.