Sentence Examples with the word Interleaved

Linnaeus, even in his latest publication, placed it in the genus Hirundo; but the interleaved and annotated copies of his Systema naturae in the Linnean Society's library show the species marked for separation and insertion in the Order Grallae - Pratincola trachelia being the name by which he had meant to designate it in any future edition.

Running annotations with which the master had enriched his interleaved lecture-room copy of Meyer's Compendium of 1752.

Dr Bliss's interleaved copy is in the Bodleian, and Dr Griffiths announced in 1859 that a new edition was contemplated by the Press, and asked for additional matter (see.

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The best edition is that which was published in 1829, under the editorship of Richard .Taylor, with the additions written in the author's interleaved copy.