Sentence Examples with the word Interceded

She interceded with great generosity, but ineffectually, for Monmouth the same year.

They prayed for the auditores, they blessed them and interceded for them, thereby shortening the process of purification the latter had to pass through after death.

When Elizabeth was sent to the Tower (18th of March 1 554), Feckenham interceded for her life and liberty, even at the cost of displeasing the queen.

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He mistrusted also his brothers Mowayyad and Mowaffaq, who had interceded for them.

In religious matters he interceded with the emperor and the diet for the Protestants, and sought, but without success, to bring about a reconciliation between Lutherans and Calvinists in Brandenburg.

He interceded for her in vain with the king, as he had done in the cases of Fisher, More and the monks of Christchurch.

The bishop of the diocese, Dr Barlow, is said to have interceded for him.

He interceded for Waltheof's life and to the last spoke of the earl as an innocent sufferer for the crimes of others; he lived on terms of friendship with Bishop Wulfstan.

In the time of Caesar they were dependents of the Remi, who on one occasion interceded for them.

Whittier, the Quaker poet, interceded with Henry Clay to pay Garrison's fine and thus release him from prison.