Sentence Examples with the word Instructed

He then instructed his manservant to deliver them.

She instructed her daughter to show a proper respect to her husband's grandfather, Louis XV., by behaving with politeness to his mistresses, in order that the alliance between the two courts might run no risk.

His sons were trained for war and the chase, and his daughters instructed in the spinning of wool and other feminine arts.

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I never instructed him to ask you anything.

John entered Paris in triumph, and instructed the Franciscan theologian Jean Petit (d.

In 1835 Lord Gosford, the new governor of Lower Canada, was instructed by the cabinet in London to inquire into the alleged grievances of the French Canadians.

During the interval between the citation and the appearance of the accused, the professorial members of the synod was instructed to prepare themselves to be able to confute the Arminian errors, and the synod occupied itself with deliberations as to a new translation of the Bible, for which a commission was named, made arrangements for teaching the Heidelberg catechism, and granted permission to the missionaries of the East Indies to baptize such children of heathen parents as were admitted into their families.

As already noticed, the Malagasy owe to missionaries of the London Missionary Society their first school system and their first literature, in 1820 and subsequent years; 1 and for fifteen years all educational work was carried on by them, some 10,000 to 12,000 children having been instructed in their schools.

Structed the German consul at Tunis to recognize French decrees Partly under the influence of these circumstances, and partl3 in response to persuasion by Baron Blanc, secretary-genera for foreign affairs, Mancini instructed Count di Robilant to oper negotiations for an Italo-Austrian allianceinstructions whirl Robilant neglected until questioned by Count Kalnky on the sub ject.

He is the constant companion of Dionysus, whom he was said to have instructed in the cultivation of the vine and the keeping of bees.