Sentence Examples with the word Instigated

He had interviews with the prince of Orange, with Casimir who was there in the interests of Protestant Germany, with Anjou who came in his own interests or in those of France, and with Don John, who nominally governed the country in Philip's name; the story that he instigated a plot to kidnap or murder Don John is without foundation.

Whoever may have instigated the rising, this much is certain, that American warships prevented the Colombian troops from landing to suppress the revolt.

Except John Casimir, the Protestant princes showed no eagerness to assist Gebhard, who in a short time was driven from his see, and afterwards took up his residence in Strassburg, where also he instigated a rebellion on a small scale.

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The movement, which was instigated by the Porte with the object of evading the provisions of the treaty, was so far successful that the restoration .of Playa and Gusinye to Albania was sanctioned by the powers, Montenegro receiving in exchange the town and district of Dulcigno.

Was plainly instigated by a consideration of the Chinese list, compiled with a widely different intent.

The murderer was instigated by Prince Selim, afterwards Jahangir, who had become jealous of the minister's influence.

He instigated the massacre of Cawnpore, and commanded at the battle of Bithur, where he was defeated by General Havelock.

Coenwulf may have instigated the raid of ZEthelmund, earl of the Hwicce, upon the accession of Ecgberht.

News came on the 11th that, instigated by the king of France, the people of Liege had massacred their bishop and the ducal governor.

The accession of Abdalmalik was attended with no difficulty, but the first years of his reign were occupied by troubles in northern Syria, where, instigated by the Greeks, the Mardaites of the Amanus, called Jarajima by the Arabs, penetrated into the Lebanon.