Sentence Examples with the word Instanced

As examples may be instanced the studies of A.

Those in the neighbourhood of Semipalatinsk may be instanced in the first case and those in the island of Yezo in the second.

The more brittle condition of the Latin papyri found at Herculaneum has been instanced as the evil result of this re-making of the material.

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In physiology may be instanced W.

Sir Isaac Newton devoted the 31st query in the last edition of his Opticks to molecular forces, and instanced several examples of the cohesion of liquids, such as the suspension of mercury in a barometer tube at more than double the height at which it usually stands.

The Waddle may be instanced as an example of the open fans.

As a rule contrasted colours are shown by pairs having a bright and a faint component which are relatively wide apart; brilliant white stars frequently have a blue attendant - this is instanced in the case of Regulus and Rigel.

Ritualistic conservatism may be instanced as a practical outcome of this feeling.