Sentence Examples with the word Installed

At night this mark is replaced by a lamp installed in rear sight has a fixed horizontal bar slotted and graduated similarly to the slotted portion of the tangent sight.

In the heat of the emeute which followed she installed herself in the Hotel de Ville, and played the part of mediatrix between the opposed parties.

After the re-establishment of the Society of Jesus in Belgium the work was again taken up in 1837, at the suggestion of the Academie Royale of Belgium and with the support of the Belgian government, and the Bollandists were installed at the college of St Michael in Brussels.

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Born in September 1157, he received at the age of eleven the duchy of Aquitaine, and was formally installed in 1172.

Saved, however, bythe Grande Mademoiselle, daughter of Gaston of Orleans, he lost Pari5 by the disaster of the Hotel de Ville July 4, 1652), where he had installed an insurrectionary government.

On the 26th of June 1657 he was once more installed as Protector, this time, however, with regal ceremony in contrast with the simple formalities observed on the first occasion, the heralds proclaiming his accession in the same manner as that of the kings.

A much more solid gain to his happiness was the adoption, or practical adoption, in 1776 of Reine Philiberte de Varicourt, a young girl of noble but poor family, whom Voltaire rescued from the convent, installed in his house as an adopted daughter, and married to the marquis de Villette.

In 1744 he graduated as a doctor of medicine; he became physician in ordinary to the king, and afterwards his first consulting physician, and was installed in the palace of Versailles.

In November 1839 he was installed archdeacon of Surrey, in August 1840 was collated canon of Winchester and in October he accepted the rectory of Alverstoke.

In the following year he died, and on the 24th of September 1904 Senor Jose Pardo was installed in the presidential chair.