Sentence Examples with the word Insel

It consists of the old town on the right bank of the river, the new town on the left, and the Bade Insel (bath island), connected by a fine stone bridge.

Eine Inselstudie (Stuttgart, 1893); Edwin Muller, Die Insel Rugen (17th ed., Berlin, 1900); Schuster, Fuhrer durch die Insel Rugen (7th ed., Stettin, 1901); Boll, Die Insel Rugen (Schwerin, 1858); O.

On the Bade Insel is the Kurhaus (1872) and also the chief spring, the Elisabethquelle, impregnated with iodine and bromine, and prescribed for scrofulous, bronchial and rheumatic disorders.

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See Sir C. Fellows's Journal of an Excursion in Asia Minor in 1838, and Wiebel's Die Insel Kephalonia and die Meermiihlen von Argostoli (Hamburg, 1873).