Sentence Examples with the word Inquired

He inquired about her health, led the way to his mother, and having sat there for five minutes left the room.

This David recognized, and, summoning the injured clan, inquired what expiation could be made.

Antiochus replied that he was recovering the territory won by Seleucus his ancestor, and inquired by what right did the Romans dispute with him about the free cities in Asia (Polyb.

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At the end of the 8th century Charlemagne inquired of the bishops of his empire as to current forms. The reply of Amalarius of Trier is important because it shows that he not only used the received text, but also connected it with the Roman order of Baptism.

Pompey deferred his decision until he should have inquired into the state of the Nabataeans, who had shown themselves to be capable of dominating the Jews in the absence of the Roman army.

She again inquired whether everything was going well on the farm.

Archimedes maintained that each particle of a fluid mass, when in equilibrium, is equally pressed in every direction; and he inquired into the conditions according to which a solid body floating in a fluid should assume and preserve a position of equilibrium.

What is it all about? inquired Prince Andrew impatiently.

Boris inquired what news there might be on the staff, and what, without indiscretion, one might ask about our plans.

As chief pontiff he inquired rigorously into the character of the vestal virgins, three of whom were buried alive; he enforced the laws against adultery, mutilation, and the grosser forms of immorality, and forbade the public acting of mimes.