Sentence Examples with the word Inoculated

A number of flasks containing a nutrient medium were each inoculated with one drop of this mixture; it was found that some remained sterile, and Lister assumed that the remaining flasks each contained a pure culture.

The worst of this method was that the disease inoculated this way was exceedingly severe and very nearly proved fatal.

Almost immediately afterwards he was inoculated for smallpox, which was raging in Princeton and vicinity, and, always feeble, he died of the inoculation on the 28th of March 1758.

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Swift inoculated the Scriblerus Club with his own hatred of pedantry, cant and circumlocution.

It was mentioned by the Hindus more than three thousand years ago (and some suggest they even inoculated against it).

The increase of virulence becomes especially marked when the organism is inoculated from animal to animal in series, the method of passage.

Barisch was shown to have been careless in the performance of his duties, and to have disregarded instructions; and the inference is that he conveyed the infection to his mouth, and so to the lungs, from the bacteriological specimens or inoculated animals.

It is especially desirable for hospital and ambulance staffs to be inoculated with a vaccine prepared from sterilized cultures of plague bacillus.

The 20 40 60 80 100 liquid then becomes saturated with B also, and, if inoculated with B crystals, will deposit B alongside of A, till the whole mass is solid.

At Hubli, where nearly the whole population was inoculated between the lath of May and the 27th of September ' The system of inoculation against plague with a fluid prepared from sterilized virus of the disease was introduced in India by Professor Haffkine early in 1897.