Sentence Examples with the word Injected

A few of them, such as aloin and colocynthin, are also purgative when injected subcutaneously or into the blood, probably owing to their being excreted into the intestinal canal.

In the intravascular coagulation experiments above described, all the rabbits were carefully weighed, and the amount of nucleoproteid injected until coagulation occurred was measured.

The oil will purge when rubbed into the skin or injected per rectum.

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An element of bitterness was now injected into the struggle.

Of late years enormous impulse has been given to our knowledge of the causation of disease by microbes, through the works of Gaspard, who injected putrid matter into the veins of a living animal; by Villemin, who discovered that tuberculosis is infective; by Davaine; and especially by Pasteur, Koch and others too numerous to mention, who have worked, and are still working, at the microbic causation of disease with marvellous success.

The latter does not keep well, and the best way of using ergot is to dissolve tablets obtained from a reputable maker, and containing some of the active principles, in pure water, the solution being injected subcutaneously.

All of them injected into the blood in large doses act as muscle and nerve poisons, and during their excretion by the kidney usually irritate it severely, but only a few are absorbed in sufficient amount to produce similar effects when given by the mouth.

Two forms of steam distillation may be distinguished: - in one the still is simply heated by a steam coil wound inside or outside the still - this is termed heating by dry steam; in the other steam is injected into the mass within the still - this is the distillation with live steam of laboratory practice.

And he found that all albinoes do not fail to clot when intravascularly injected with nucleoproteids.

Jilian injected me with something to kill me, she paused, shuddering at the flash of residual pain from the memories.