Sentence Examples with the word Initials

The initials of 80, read backwards, give Commodianus Mendicus Christi.

I told them I was a Wizard, and showed them some easy tricks that amazed them; and when they saw the initials painted on the balloon they called me Oz.

Separation between the young cylinder (plerome) and young corte1 (periblem), the latter having one or more layers of initials at th actual apex.

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Rabbi Solomon IzxAQ1 (son of Isaac), usually cited as Rashi from the initials of those words, was born at Troyes in 1040 and died in the same town in 1105.

The central medallion bears the initials of the founders, with the encircling inscription M.

Are quite barbarous, and for the first time on some of them appear the initials of the name of the king in Aramaic letters by the side of the Greek legend.

The medallion on the reverse contains a figure of St George and the Dragon and the corresponding initials J.U.P.F., Justus ut Palma Florebit, the motto of the order.

The collar consists of imperial crowns, the initials F.

This was done, and the Opera posthuma appeared in the same year, without the author's name, but with his initials upon the titlepage.

The cases of nouns are indicated by suffixes, which vary their initials according to the final of the nouns.