Sentence Examples with the word Ingrid

I've seen every episode a million times, Ingrid said with her normal dramatic flare.

Under his spell, the blonde wasn't going to be phased by the display of magic, while Ingrid already knew he was the real thing.

She found herself counting how many exclamation points Ingrid used before she read through the rules.

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Xander made a mental note to vamp Ingrid none-too-gently, when he finally granted her wish to be a vampire.

He seemed guarded and genuinely unsettled, as if he wasn't expecting an assistant today, despite the note from Ingrid she found.

I can't believe people leave those kinds of messages on your phone or that Ingrid has to deal with three hundred and sixty four horny women a year calling you to beg for a second night of sex.

A brilliant and pathetic relic of the close of the medieval period exists in the Love Letters addressed in 1498 by Ingrid Persdotter, a nun of Vadstena, to the young knight Axel Nilsson.

His hands were full with groceries from the list Ingrid texted her.

If Ingrid didn't know how to hide his money in offshore accounts, she would've been gone long ago.

She was dressed much more normally than Ingrid in dark jeans and a simple, fitted blue t-shirt with bright coral nail polish.