Sentence Examples with the word Infolded

In certain genera the margins are infolded either along their whole length (the male of Schistostomum haematobium; fig.

The inner or eastern ridge farther north of Argentina consists of crystalline rocks with infolded Ordovician and Cambrian beds, often overlaid unconformably by a sandstone with plant-remains (chiefly Rhaetic).

In addition to these suckers the sides of the anterior region may become infolded and give rise to an accessory adhesive organ (Holostomidae).

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The apparent axis or basal support of the scorpion's lung-books shown in the figures, is a false or secondary axis and merely a part of the infolded surface which forms the air-chamber.

Ridges, which are usually prolonged as teeth beyond the infolded margin.

The enamelled surface is infolded in a complex manner (a modification of that found in other perissodactyles), the folds extending quite to the base of the crown, and the interstices being filled and the surface covered with a considerable mass of cement, which binds together and strengthens the whole tooth.

In the Western Alps the outer border of Molasse persists; but it no longer forms so well-defined a zone, and strips are infolded amongst the older rocks.

The summits of the incisors were infolded to a small extent.

Near Dinant carboniferous beds are infolded among the Devonian.