Sentence Examples with the word Influenced

In religion, which was his main interest, he was much influenced by Hegel, and appears somewhat in the ambiguous position of a sceptic anxious to believe.

He was a preacher of great power, and influenced the elections for the Short Parliament of 1640.

Both men were deeply influenced by Origen, and compiled the wellknown anthology of his writings, known as Philocalia (edited by A.

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The delusion was dissipated slowly, and even after the great Tatar invasion and devastation of eastern Europe its effects still influenced the mind of Christendom and caused popes and kings to send missions to the Tatar hordes with a lingering feeling that their khans, if not already Christians, were at least always on the verge of conversion.

His violent temper soon compelled him to resign this appointment, and for two years he and his son earned a precarious livelihood by translations in London - a practical education, however, exceedingly useful to the younger Forster, who became a thorough master of English, and acquired many of the ideas which chiefly influenced his subsequent life.

In Rome he became acquainted with the Syrian Gnostic Cerdo, whose speculations influenced the development of the Marcionite theology.

They're being influenced by your reactions.

The Detachment Of The Drop Is A Dynamical Effect, And It Is Influenced By Collateral Circumstances.

It is impossible to isolate a child in the midst of society, so that he shall not be influenced by the beliefs of those with whom he associates.

Ordinary estimates of the Talmud are often influenced by the attitude of Christianity to Judaism and Jewish legalism, and by the preponderating interest which has been taken in the religious-legal side of the Rabbinical writings.