Sentence Examples with the word Infested

The result was disastrous to the public peace: nobles armed in their defence; old feuds revived; the country became infested with bandits; not even in Rome could order be maintained.

Driven from the Red Sea by Saladin, he turned from buccaneering to brigandage, and infested the great trade-route from Damascus to Egypt, which passed close by his seignory.

Many cisterns are infested with Guinea worm (filaria medinensis, Gm.).

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And upwards in British plantations; but it is apt to be infested with American blight (Eriosoma).

Some of the American varieties have been introduced into France and other countries infested with Phylloxera, to serve as stocks on which to graft the better kinds of European vines, because their roots, though perhaps equally subject to the attacks of the insects, do not suffer so much injury from them as the European species.

A beard and mustache covered the lower part of his face, and a tangle of hair, infested with lice, curled round his head like a cap.

P. 307) that at one period the pirates that made it their headquarters so infested the neighbouring sea as to prevent all navigation.

Festus found Judaea infested with robbers and the sicarii, who mingled with the crowds at the feasts and stabbed their enemies with the daggers (sicae) from which their name was derived.

Its inland situation gave it relative security against the pirates who then infested West Indian seas, and the misfortunes of Santiago were the fortunes of Bayamo.

Wash trees infested with insects with one of the many insecticides now obtainable.