Sentence Examples with the word Inferred

Hence it may be inferred that the insects which imitate ants profit in the same way that spiders do from this form of mimicry.

The inferred relationship is shown in square brackets.

From this work and from his Gifford lectures we learn objectively what had previously been inferred from his critical works.

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From the fact that several Cretan townships passed for colonies of Tegea, it may be inferred that this city had oversea connexions in prehistoric days.

The importance of Tharros may be inferred from the extent of its necropolis, which lies on the basaltic peninsula of S.

It would correspond in time with the movement of the Scyths of which Herodotus speaks, and it may be inferred that immigrants coming from those regions were rather allied to the Tatar family of nations than to the Iranian.

When, on the other hand, the objects of science are properly described as phenomena, what is meant is not this pittance of sensible appearances, but positive facts of all kinds, whether perceptible or imperceptible, whether capable of being experienced or of being inferred from, but beyond, experience, e.g.

Further: degeneration cannot be inferred safely by the examination of an isolated case; usually we obtain a series of forms indicating the steps of a change in structure - and what we have to decide is whether the movement has been from the simple to the more complex, or from the more complex to the simple.

Without denying the actuality or importance of that sympathetic pleasure in the perceived or inferred effects of virtues and vices he yet holds that the essential part of common moral sentiment is constituted rather by a more direct sympathy with the impulses that prompt to action or expression.

Communications.From the conditions actually existing in the 8th century after the Christian era the first compilers of Japanese history inferred the conditions which might Roads and have existed in the 7th century before that era.