Sentence Examples with the word Industrie

Aichino, of the Geological Survey of Italy, will be found in the Enciclopedia delle arte e industrie (Turin, 1898).

Bahrdt, Geschichte der Reformation der Stadt Hannover (1891); Hartmann, Geschichte von Hannover mit besonderer Riicksichtnahme auf die Entwickelung der Residenzstadt Hannover (1886); Hannover and Umgegend, Entwickelung and Zusteinde seiner Industrie und, Gewerbe (1874); and the Urkundenbuch der Stadt Hannover (1860, fol.).

Considerable progress has been made in the development of the oil-fields in Dutch Borneo, and the Nederlandsch Indische Industrie en Handel Maatschappij, the Dutch business of the Shell Transport and Trading Company, increased its output from 123,50 tons in 1901 to 285,720 tons in 1 9 04, and showed further satisfactory increase thereafter.

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B.-Beet sugar (compiled from data furnished by the Statistisches Bureau fur die Riibenzucker Industrie des Deutschen Reiches, of Mr F.

Geering, Handel and Industrie d.

Shadwell, Industrial Efficiency (London, 1906); Berliner Jahrbuch fur Handel and Industrie (1905); and O.