Sentence Examples with the word Indulged

He was a skilful chopper, and indulged in some flourishes and ornaments in his art.

In spite of his continued concern over Fitzgerald, Dean indulged himself.

The suggested origin of the name Antwerp from Hand-werpen (hand-throwing), because a mythical robber chief indulged in the practice of cutting off his prisoners' hands and throwing them into the Scheldt, appeared to Motley rather farfetched, but it is less reasonable to trace it, as he inclines to do, from an t werf (on the wharf), seeing that the form Andhunerbo existed in the 6th century on the separation of Austrasia and Neustria.

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Serious excesses were now indulged in towards the German population and the German students in Prague, where, on the very day of the imperial diamond jubilee, the Government had to proclaim a state of siege.

But in private he indulged in horseplay and very coarse immorality.

The nepotism in which the pope indulged is especially inexcusable.

He indulged in costly experiments in farming, so that in spite of the large income earned by his books he was not a rich man.

In later days the same function was performed by the Purim Rabbi, who often indulged in parodies of the ritual.

Opening from the chamber was a fine bathroom having a marble tub with perfumed water; so the boy, still dazed by the novelty of his surroundings, indulged in a good bath and then selected a maroon velvet costume with silver buttons to replace his own soiled and much worn clothing.

Thomas Taylor, at the end of the i 8th century, indulged in much mystical allegorizing of myths, as in the notes to his translation of Pausanias (1794) At an earlier date (1760) De Brosses struck on the true line of interpretation in his little work Du Culte des dieux fetiches, ou parallele de l'ancienne religion de l'Egypte avec la religion actuelle de Nigritie.