Sentence Examples with the word Indole

C. Klotzsch, De occasione et indole epistolae ad Philem.

Joannis Apostoli indole et origine (1820), the first systematic assault on the traditional attribution, remains unrefuted in its main contention.

Many derivatives of indole are known.

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Scherer, De Graecorum Ates Notione atque Indole (1858); E.

In 1820 was published his treatise on the gospel of St John, entitled Probabilia de Evangelii et Epistolarum Joannis Apostoli indole et origine, which attracted much attention.

In 1826 he removed as professor of theology to Leipzig, where, hitherto distinguished only as editor of Bardesanes, Marcion (Marcion's Evangelium in seiner ursprienglichen Gestalt, 1823), and Ephraem Syrus, and the joint editor of a Syrische Chrestomathie (1824), he came into great prominence as the author of a treatise, De rationalismi qui dicitur vera indole et qua cum naturalismo contineatur ratione (1827), and also of an Offene Erklarung an die Evangelische Kirche zuntichst in Sachsen u.