Sentence Examples with the word Indissolubly

Their objection to Chalcedon was that it was an innovation, and they fully acknowledged the distinctness of the two natures in Christ, insisting only that they became indissolubly united so that there was only one energy (ilia Kato) 6Eav8puci EvEp'yeta) of Christ's will.

The latter has the merit of assigning a specific name to a limited series of events and group of facts, which can be distinguished for the purpose of analysis from other events and facts with which they are intimately but not indissolubly connected.

Albinism appears, in the processes of heredity, to be sometimes indissolubly correlated with certain peculiar traits.

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Of Denmark had officially proclaimed that Schleswig and the greater part of Holstein were indissolubly connected with the Danish monarchy.

The calculus of variations is indissolubly associated with his name.

Aid - the religious mission of England in the world, her commercial interests, and her political independence being indissolubly connected in his mind.

That pleasure is not the real absolute good, was no ground for not including it in the good of concrete human life; and after all only coarse and vulgar pleasures were indissolubly linked to the pains of want.

Judgment is completed in the syllogism; the syllogistic form as the perfection of subjective thought passes into objectivity, where it first appears embodied in a mechanical system; and the teleological object, in which the members are as means and end, leads up to the idea of life, where the end is means and means end indissolubly till death.

In the beginning (as in the Greek myths of Uranus and Gaea), Heaven (Rangi, conceived of as a person) was indissolubly united to his wife Earth (Papa), and between them they begat gods which necessarily dwelt in darkness.

In these papers the subject was recast and enriched by new and important theorems. through which the name of Jacobi is indissolubly associated with this branch of science.