Sentence Examples with the word Indexes

He first introduced the division into chapters and paragraphs, and by means of carefully compiled indexes illustrated the lexical peculiarities of each author.

Ellis, General Introduction to Domesday Book (1833), 2 vols., containing valuable indexes to the names of persons; N.

General Indexes To Periodicals.

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The literature of the subject is very extensive, and bibliographical indexes may be found in the Geographical Dictionary of P. Semenov, appended to the articles devoted respectively to the names given above, as also in the yearly Indexes by M.

Dieterich, which has appeared annually since 1896, describes about 1300 periodicals (mostly scientific) by subjects and titles; from 1900 it has been supplemented by Bibliographic der deutschen Recensionen, which indexes notices and reviews in over moo serials each year, chiefly scientific and technical.

Uncalendared in the British Museum there is no guide exceptthe imperfect indexes to the Cotton, Harleian, Lansdowne, Additional and other collections.

Though we know that much has perished, the four Indexes of the 16th century give some idea of the rich repertory of the popular theatre, and of the efforts necessary to destroy it; moreover, the Spanish Index of 1559, by forbidding autos of Gil Vicente and other Portuguese authors, is interesting evidence of the extent to which they were appreciated in the neighbouring country.

For lists of general indexes consult Stein, Manuel de bibliographie generale (1897), pp. 637-710.

The Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, the Revue des deux mondes, the Revue historique, Deutsche Rundschau and others issue from time to time general indexes of their contents, while the periodical literature of special departments of study and research are noted in the various Jahresberichte published in Germany, and indexed monthly in such English and American magazines as the Engineering Magazine, the Geographical Journal, English Historical Review, American Historical Review, Economic Journal (for political economy), Library Journal and Library Association Record (for bibliography) and the Educational Review.

Literatur (1879-1899) of the German Patent Office, are specimens of indexes of special periodicals.