Sentence Examples with the word Indexed

Soraluce, and other historians, has examined, catalogued and indexed the municipal archives of all the towns, without which no true history can be written.

The Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, the Revue des deux mondes, the Revue historique, Deutsche Rundschau and others issue from time to time general indexes of their contents, while the periodical literature of special departments of study and research are noted in the various Jahresberichte published in Germany, and indexed monthly in such English and American magazines as the Engineering Magazine, the Geographical Journal, English Historical Review, American Historical Review, Economic Journal (for political economy), Library Journal and Library Association Record (for bibliography) and the Educational Review.

The site is indexed and assigned case numbers.

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The related literature is enormous (see the bibliographies to the special articles); it is indexed annually in Orientalische Bibliographie (Berlin), and is usefully summarized in the Theologische Jahresbericht (Berlin).

Indexes to Periodicals.-The contents of English and American periodicals of the last 100 years are indexed in the following publications: W.

Bibliography.- United States Geographical and Geological Survey of the Territories (Washington, 1872-1874); material indexed in the various bibliographies (e.g.