Sentence Examples with the word Inde

The gear operating the paper roll is driven from the axle of an inde pendent wheel which is let down into contact with the rail when required This wheel serves also to measure the distance travelled.

If it is assumed that all these genera bore gonophores ancestrally, then medusa of similar type must have been evolved quite inde pendently in a great number of cases.

For several months early in the War of Inde - pendence the Committees of Safety and Correspondence made Watertown their headquarters and it was from here that General Joseph Warren set out for Bunker Hill.

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The most ancient mention of the name Pandya occurs in the 4th century B.C., and in Asoka's time the kingdom was inde 1 His era, however, is dated from 606.

Since the four co-ordinates (Cartesian or other) of these two points are connected by the relation which expresses the invariability of the length AB, it is plain that virtually three inde pendent elements are re quired and suffice to specify the position of the lamina.

They also advocated reduction of expenditure and the inde pendence of the magistracy.

The hour circle has two toothed circles cut upon it, one acted upon by a worm screw mounted on the pier and driven by clockwork, the other by a second worm screw attached to the polar axis, which can be turned by a handle in the observer's hand and thus a slow movement can be given to the telescope in right ascension inde FIG.

Most of these rebellions were easily quelled by Sparta, though in 469 and again in 420 the disaffected cities, backed by Argos, formed a dangerous coalition and came near to establishing their inde pendence.

Essex seems seldom to have held an inde pendent position, for when London first appears as connected with the East Saxons the real power was in the hands of the king of Kent.

On the 17th of February 1867 a responsible inde pendent ministry was formed under Count Gyula 'p y y ' of 1867.