Sentence Examples with the word Incited

Ananus incited the people against these robbers, who arrested, imprisoned and murdered prominent friends of Rome, and arrogated to themselves the right of selecting the high priest by lot.

He took no pains to temper the zeal of his legates, but incited them to the struggle, and, not content with prohibiting lay investiture and simony, expressly forbade prelates and even priests to pay homage to the civil power.

He next incited the Venetians to attack Ferrara, and then, after having been delivered by their general, Roberta Malatesta, from a Neapolitan invasion, he turned upon them and eventually assailed them for refusing to desist from the hostilities which he had himself instigated.

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An informal French protection had, however, been exercised over them for some time previously, and with it began the feud of Maronites and Druses, the latter incited and spasmodically supported by Ottoman pashas.

When news of this reached England the clergy were incited to still more vigorous proceedings against Lollard preachers and books.

Maddened by jealousy and wounded pride, she now incited the three kings to murder Sigurd by exciting their jealousy of his power.

Equilibrium at the very outset incited sympathy, while his wit and humour made him the centre of every circle within which he moved.

Popes, kings, and knights incited the peoples to free the Holy Land; but the people did not go, for the unknown cause which had previously impelled them to go no longer existed.

In Virginia, has not significantly altered the forms thus produced; it has only incited the rivers t0 intrench themselves 100 or more feet beneath the lowlands of tertiary erosion.

The analysis of bodies into immaterial elements by Leibnitz incited Lotze.