Sentence Examples with the word Inaugurating

But the honor of inaugurating an epoch marked by greater precision belongs to Germany.

The rule of Augustus he seems to have accepted as a necessity, but he could not, like Horace and Virgil, welcome it as inaugurating a new and glorious era.

John was evidently convinced that he himself had received the divine commission to bring to a close and complete the prophetic period, by inaugurating the Messianic age.

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To Gesenius belongs in a large measure the credit of having freed Semitic philology from the trammels of theological and religious prepossession, and of inaugurating the strictly scientific (and comparative) method which has since been so fruitful.

The credit of inaugurating the new order of things belongs to Germany, and here again the religious influence came into play.

He returned to Europe in 1540 (see Portugal: Literature), after inaugurating an active missionary movement, which was revived in1546-1547by Francis Xavier (q.v.).

He filled his treasury with spoils harshly wrung from all classes; thus inaugurating the monarchys long and patient labors at enlarging the crown lands bit by bit through taxes on private property.

Blomfield had given himself zealously to the work of churchbuilding; Tait followed in his steps by inaugurating (1863) the Bishop of London's Fund.

Suppose, now, we ignore the writers who were inaugurating neit methods, investigating special problems or laboriously collecting facts, and concentrate attention on the dominant school, with its long series of writers from Adam Smith to John Stuart Mill.

The system unfolds itself like a drama, of which the successive stages are as follows: the transcendental fall, the creation of the material world, inaugurating the history of punishment and redemption, the clothing of fallen souls in flesh, the dominion of sin, evil and the demons on earth, the appearing of the Logos, His union with a pure human soul, His esoteric preaching of salvation, and His death in the flesh, then the imparting of the Spirit, and the ultimate restoration of all things.