Sentence Examples with the word In-

Oaks and beeches; farther in- Waldeck land, and especially east of the Reuss-Greiz Elbe, coniferous trees are the Reuss-Schleiz most prevalent, praticularly Schaumburg-Lippe .

The fortune of war in- batons dined at first in favor of the royalists, who captured wan Northampton and Nottingham.

There was nothing in their general position to make them in- 'hospitable to ethical conceptions of the future life, as is shown by the fact that so soon as the Egyptian-Greek idea of immortality made itself felt in Jewish circles it was adopted by the author of the Wisdom of Solomon; but prior to the 1st century B.C. it does not appear in the Wisdom literature, and the nationalistic dogma of resurrection is not mentioned in it at all.

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The pitcher is formed so as to form an in- to the lamina 1.

This was in 1732, and Rousseau, who for a time had unimportant employments in the service of the Sardinian crown, was shortly in- stalled by Madame de Warens, whom he still called Maman, as amant en titre in her singular household, wherein she diverted herself with him, with music and with chemistry.

A series of blunders S was committed in the attempt to compel Scotland to submit to the religion the government prescribed, and Episco- the failure of each measure was followed by more in- pac3 human severities.

Those which show an in- Hautes-A crease usually possess large centres of industry and are Haute-Sa already thickly populated, e.g.

That principle is Spiritual in- equally opposed to Erastianism and to Papacy, to the civil power dominating the Church, and to the ecclesiastical power dominating the state.

For a smaller pitch-circle the flanks would be convex and in- curved or under-cut, which would be inconvenient; therefore the C smallest wheel of a set should FIG.

Temples, shrines and holy places were no novelty in Palestine, and the in- Jerusalem auguration of the great centre of Judaism is ascribed to Solomon the son of the great conqueror David.