Sentence Examples with the word In the Barn

The corn spirit is also said to be hiding in the barn till the corn is threshed, or it may be said to reappear at midwinter, when the farmer begins to think of his new year of labour and harvest.

Not that it's any of your business, but he slept in the barn and I slept in my room.

Thanks to him, there was nothing in the barn that couldn't wait.

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In the winter the cattle consume the hay mown on these Voralpen (which, to a certain extent, are grazed in late spring and early autumn, that is, before and after the summer sojourn on the alps), either living in the huts on the Voralpen while they consume it, or in the stable attached to the dwelling-houses in the village; in the barn is stored the hay mown on the homestead and on the meadows near the village, which may belong to the owner of the cattle.

There was work to do in the barn and Katie could use some quality time with her brother, so Carmen left them in the kitchen, doing dishes.

I forgot my rope in the barn and had to come back yesterday.

Together they got the goats in the barn and locked the doors.

In less than an hour she would be out in the barn again.

They stayed in the barn for a while, watching as the foal took its first steps, and finally found the milk supply.

Now was not the time to be in the barn alone with him this late at night.