Sentence Examples with the word Immortalized

In 1341 the two girls left Penafiel; Costanca's marriage was celebrated in the same year, and the young infanta and her cousin went to reside at Lisbon, or at Coimbra, where Dom Pedro conceived that luckless and furious passion for Inez which has immortalized them.

Our ancestors were immortalized --albeit incorrectly --in myths.

After the arrest, by Philip's orders, of Bernard Saisset (q.v.), bishop of Pamiers, in that year, the quarrel flamed up again; other causes of difference existed, and in 1302 the pope issued the bull Unam sanctam, one of the most extravagant of all statements of papal claims. To ensure the support of his people the king had called an assembly of the three estates of his kingdom at Paris in April 1302; then in the following year Guillaume de Nogaret seized the person of the pope at Anagni, an event immortalized by Dante.

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Duncan is chiefly known through his connexion with Macbeth, which has been immortalized by Shakespeare.

The Council That Was Seven had been immortalized safeguarding their father in death.

His name has been immortalized by Horace, who dedicated to him two of his Epistles (i.

EDWARD GIBBON (1737-1794), English historian, was descended, he tells us in his autobiography, from a Kentish family of considerable antiquity; among his remoter ancestors he reckons the lord high treasurer Fiennes, Lord Say and Sele, whom Shakespeare has immortalized in his Henry VI.

Wetzlar brought new friends and another passion, that for Charlotte Buff, the daughter of the Amtmann there - a love-story which has been immortalized in Werthers Leiden - and again the young poet's nature was obsessed by a love which was this time strong enough to bring him to the brink of that suicide with which the novel ends.

The art of the Meistersingers has been immortalized by Richard Wagner in his music drama, Die Meistersinger (1868).

Hence a beautiful road, immortalized by Goethe in Dichtung and Wahrheit, leads across the Vosges to Pfalzburg.