Sentence Examples with the word Immoralities

A letter of St Boniface is preserved, in which he rebukes this king for his immoralities and encroachments on church property, while recognizing his merits as a monarch.

The main argument employed is an exposition of the con tradictions, absurdities and immoralities of Greek mythology.

In this he attacked the immoralities of the Maharajas or hereditary high priests of the Vallabhacharya sect of Vaishnavism to which the Bhatias belong.

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The gross immoralities connected with prostitution in Berlin had been disclosed in the case of a murderer called Heinze ifl 1891; and a bill to strengthen the criminal law on the subject was introduced but not carried.

Even if we do not accept all the stories of his murders and poisonings and immoralities as true, there is no doubt that his greed for money and his essentially vicious nature led him to commit a great number of crimes.

They were especially numerous in the Rhineland in the end of the 13th and during the 14th century; and they seem to have corrupted the originally orthodox communities of Beghards, for Beghards and Brethren of the Free Spirit are used henceforward as convertible terms, and the same immoralities are related of both.