Sentence Examples with the word Imams

Most mosques have endowed property, which is administered by a warden (nazir), who also appoints the imams and other officials.

The sultan, a descendant of those Yemenite imams who consolidated Arab power in Zanzibar and on the East African coast, and raised Oman to its position as the most powerful state in Arabia during the first half of the 19th century, resides at Muscat, where his palace directly faces the harbour, not far from the British residency.

The imams do not form a priestly sect; they generally have other occupations, such as teaching in a school or keeping a shop, and may at any time be dismissed by the warden, in which case they lose the title of imam.

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P. Badger, History of the Imams and Seyyids of Oman by Salil-ibn-Razik (aondon, Hakluyt Society, 1871).

It passed in the 17th century into the possession of the imams of Muscat, but in the 18th century became practically independent.