Sentence Examples with the word Imagining

Standing out here imagining the worst wasn't doing any more good than pumping Katie.

It is wonderful how clever I am and how... charming she is, she went on, speaking of herself in the third person, and imagining it was some very wise man--the wisest and best of men--who was saying it of her.

The ensuing night in Cairo presented a curious spectacle; many of the inhabitants, believing that this envoy would put an end to their miseries, fired off their weapons as they paraded the streets with bands of music. The silhdgr, imagining the noise to be a fray, marched in.

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By imagining the successive positions to be taken infinitely close to one another we derive the theorem stated.

Lana sat back in her chair, imagining a simpler life with her Guardian.

He was continually imagining that a cannon ball was flying toward him with a terrific whizz, and then he shuddered and sat up.

Her heart slowed, and she stepped back, imagining the Immortal fighting off some demon that had stayed hidden until dark.

After making a few turns, Fred realized he was-n't imagining the car was tailing him.

Such a thought can hardly be Micah's, even if we resort to the violent harmonistic process of imagining that two quite distinct sieges, separated by a renewal of the theocracy, are spoken of in consecutive verses.

We may find a fair parallel by imagining two plays drawn at hazard from the works of the great tragic writers.