Sentence Examples with the word Ignoring

Closed by means of the synchronisms and certain of the later chronological references, have accepted the figures of the Kings' List for the earlier dynasties, ignoring their apparent inconsistencies with the system of Berossus and with the chronology of Nabonidus.

He just laughed, ignoring the question and turned instead to Cynthia, extending his hand and introducing himself.

Rhyn asked, ignoring him.

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At the synod of the dissident cardinals, assembled at Pisa, views of this type were in the ascendant; and, although protests were not lacking, the necessities of the time served as a pretext for ignoring all objections.

She stared up at him defiantly ignoring his reference to the countless nonexistent suitors.

Brandon was deliberately ignoring them.

Lydia spoke not another word, ignoring Dean in favor of her thoughts as she raced back to town.

They differ from the older writers in practically ignoring the physical supernatural - that is, though they regard the miracles of the ancient times (referred to particularly in Wisdom xvi.-xix.) as historical facts, they say nothing of a miraculous element in the life of their own time.

He turned to Cynthia, ignoring Dean.

Jessi fluttered kisses across his face, ignoring the tears on hers.